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Terms and conditions of membership

All members (parent/guardians for juniors) must be in acceptance of the following terms and conditions before membership can be accepted.

Holding of information/personal details

The information supplied by students (or their parents/guardians) along with a record of students class attendance will be held digitally on an online database to which authorised staff members have access. Aldershot Taekwon-Do is registered with the ICO and as such permitted to hold such information.  Aldershot Taekwon-Do does not share information with third parties, unless it is in conjunction with registering it's students for external events such as competition or seminar entries etc.

Parental responsibility

Aldershot Taekwon-Do will assume a joint parental responsibility is in place for junior students, unless a communication is supplied to our safeguarding officer, in writing to the contrary by either parent.

Photographic images and video footage.

Aldershot Taekwon-Do relies heavily on social media for generating membership. We often celebrate our success at competitions and other events with photos/videos of our students, posted online and in other forms of media . Sometimes group shots and sometimes individual ones. Any student or parent/guardian is at liberty to inform Alton Martial Academy's safe guarding officer in writing that they do not wish to have any images of themselves or their child used.

Payment of fees

1. All training fees must be paid promptly in adavnce of sessions. Failure to make payment deems students uninsured and hence suspended from sessions until arrears are covered. The cost of unattended sessions whilst suspended must still be covered. 

2. There are no casual training fees, or fees paid in arrears. Missed sessions must be paid for whether students turn up or not.

3. Grading/competition fees and forms must be submitted in full by any specified deadlines.

4. Camps, seminars, tournaments etc. must be paid by dates specified on application forms. Students must ensure all details on forms are correct.

5. Students are required to give 4 weeks notice to cancel their class space. Verbally is not acceptable, please do so via email. Direct debits should remain active until any notice period has elasped. 

6. Any students in arrears of fees after leaving the class will be pursued through small claims court.

First Aid

All classes have at least one first aid trained person to hand who will administer first aid if ever required. If first aid is required during a class it will be recorded in the class accident book and in the case of juniors the parent/guardian collecting the child will be informed. Both students or parents/guardian are at liberty to opt out (in advance) of agreeing to first aid. This should be done in writing and addressed to the safe guarding officer.

Contact details

It is the responsibility of all students, parents or guardians to keep Aldershot Taekwon-Do up to date with contact details, especially for the purpose of emergencies.

Email communication

All students (or parents, whoever is listed as the contact on the enrolment form) will add the following email addresses to the address book to avoid communications going into spam/junk folders. (you cannot send emails to this address, please use the one above)

Online tuition

In the event of us losing the use of our venue, for whatever reason, will will continue to provide a service of tuition online, via live and pre-recorded classes, although times/days of live classes may differ from the "regular" timetable.​



Aldershot Taekwon-Do, and its instructors take all reasonable steps to minimise the likelihood of an accident, the risk of physical injury cannot be eliminated. The acceptance of an individual’s application for membership, including participation in lessons, tournaments, gradings or demonstrations does not constitute, and should not be considered as constituting, any form of confirmation or assurance by Aldershot Taekwon-Do or any of its instructors to the affect that the said individual has the necessary skill or physical ability to participate in lessons, tournaments, gradings or demonstrations, it being the individual’s sole responsibility to judge such matters for themselves. Aldershot Taekwon-Do and their instructors accept no liability for injuries sustained during the course of practising and learning martial arts, save for injuries attributed to negligence of Aldershot Taekwon-Do or its instructors. Insurance in respect of such risks is included in the annual membership fee.

Members/students must wear clothing and equipment that is approved by Aldershot Taekwon-Do and its instructors. We reserve the right to cancel, at any time, any student’s membership for any behaviour that we deem inappropriate. Anything that may bring the art/sport of Taekwon-Do, Aldershot Taekwon-Do its members/students or instructors into disrepute, whether in the dojang (training hall) or elsewhere, will result in immediate cancellation of membership.

Any monies paid in advance are not refundable. A copy of our member-to-member insurance cover and our (GDPR) policy is available at the academy should any members/students (parents/guardians of members/students under 18) wish to see a copy.

Martial Arts are a way of life. Anyone wishing to become a member of Aldershot Taekwon-Do understands that it is their duty, not just to attend each week, but to always give 100% effort when doing so and that in order to be successful and benefit from Martial Arts additional practice is required outside of class. 

All students and parents are familiar with and abide by the rules of the "Dojang" (training area).

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