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Aldershot Taekwon-Do GDPR policy 2018

Processing is necessary for the performance of either trial or full membership:

For example, you may wish to attend a trial session prior to formal membership, which would require you to provide personally identifiable information prior to entering into full membership.


Compliance with legal obligations:


As an example, for the purpose of competing, our students may be required to give personal details for the purpose of entry to external events such as competition or seminar, or we made be required to do this on their behalf. It is normal to supply the following information when entering such events.

Name of member




Phone number


Email address




Date of birth




Martial Arts Grade

Event organisers do not share such information with third parties


Each of our members are insured through their membership. Some insurance companies require us to supply the basic details of our members. Our current insurance provider (Martial Guard) doesn't require this. All students fall under a block policy. The information given by students on our enrolment form is retained by us and not shared with third parties other than for the reason stated above. Each member is also asked to provide two passport sized photographs (either on initial registration or at the first grading) – these are retained with the membership details and the grading record.

Legitimate interest:

This is provide you with the service you are entitled to as part of your membership. Our use will be fair and balanced, and never unduly have an impact on your rights.

For example, we may send you the details of competitions that form part of the assessment process in order to progress through the “grading system”.

Vital interest:

In rare situations, such as an accident or medical emergency, we may have to share your personal details with the emergency services. After the accident or medical emergency, we will always try to inform you about how we had to use your information in that situation.



In specific circumstances we will collect and process your data where you have provided consent. You can at any time withdraw that consent.

For example, data may be uploaded to third party software providers for statistical analysis during competitions and/or photos of participants may be taken and displayed on the website.


We will clearly indicate this prior to processing.


Bank details:

All members pay their training fees etc via “Go Cardless”. Although we have access to a Go Cardless web portal for the purpose of taking payments. We do not have access to the bank account details that you provided to “Go Cardless”. They are encrypted.


Grading/test information:


We retain your date of grading, grading result and photograph if supplied.


Record of attendance:


Where possible, we retain a record of attendance.


External tournaments:


Other than our own competitions we may attend tournaments and events that require us to input your data on your behalf. If, or when that happens, you will be asked for “information required” knowing that we have to supply the event host with that information, in order for you to compete.

External gradings & pre-gradings:

This will generally only apply to the black belt gradings. Information supplied by members as part of their grading application will not be shared beyond the examining body.

Assistant instructors & instructors:


We will also retain a copy of your DBS certificate and first aid qualifications. These may be shared with relevant educational authorities (for hall hire, in-school classes, school assemblies, workshops etc) and any other relevant organisational or legislative bodies. We will ask for your permission before sharing.



We also retain a copy of your public liability insurance. This may be shared with relevant educational authorities (for hall hire, in-school classes, school assemblies, workshops etc) and any other relevant organisational or legislative bodies. We will ask for your permission before sharing.

Use of photographs on social media, our website & off-line traditional media publications: On initial registration, members (or their parents/legal guardians) have given us permission to use their photographs on/in the above. This will generally be when reporting on awards, gradings and tournaments.

How we keep in touch with you:


We will contact you by email, telephone or text message to keep you informed of club events, changes to the schedule of classes or anything pertaining to your legitimate interests as a member. This includes, but is not limited to, the monthly newsletter, notification of licence renewals, grading revision, grading applications, tournament entries, confirmation of equipment orders.

How the law applies to us and its use of personal information:

We will only use your personal information to contact you with matters relating directly to Aldershot Taekwon-Do, it’s Instructors or events that they may be connected with, or invited to.


Retention of your details after cancellation of membership:

Unless you request otherwise, your details will be deleted by us after your membership expires. In the unlikely event of any on-going dispute over any aspect of your membership, your details and any correspondence pertaining to such a dispute may be retained for a longer period until resolution.

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