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Interested in our classes?

We work on a maximum number of students per class which varies depending on the age range of the class and most, if not all our classes tend to be full a lot of the time.

If you are seriously interested, either for yourself or your child, you need to make contact via the “contact us” form that appears on almost every page of this site (and below) and someone from my admin team will contact you usually within 12-24 hours. (The link to the “enrolment form” is for new members that have already been accepted into one of our classes).

Once my team have been in contact with you, you will need to respond promptly to any communications offering “taster sessions” and supply any additional information quickly. If you fail to do this, we tend to offer the space to someone else. No apologies, we deal with a lot of time wasters!

I work very hard, and I like to keep a good work/life balance. Should you happen to come across my telephone number on google or on this website, please be informed, I never answer the phone to anyone that isn’t in my address book (friends and family). If you text, I will simply forward your message on to my admin team and they will ask you to complete the “contact us” form that appears on almost every page of this site.

Kind regards, Paul Adams, 6th degree, Chief Instructor.

Get in touch....

Thanks! Message sent.

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