Promotion to black belt

November 18, 2017

The road is long, and not without a few bumps on the way. But when you stick at it and stay focused on your goal, you get the rewards. A seven year journey culminating on a testing under the watchful eye of Mr Tim Dunn, 6th Dan, Mr Luke Thompson, 5th Dan and Mr Steven Arroyo, 4th Dan and Alton Martial Arts Academy are pleased to announce the promotion of Francis Groves, to 1st degree black belt. Not an easy panel to test under, when you consider that all three of the aforementioned examiners are either current or former England Team Coaches, Competitors and/or former World Champions!

Promotion to 4th Dan

September 25, 2017

Alton Martial Arts Academy are very pleased to announce the promotion of assistant instructor Mr Paul Davis to 4th Degree, at a recent testing in Kent.


Mr Davis has had an interest in martial arts from an early age, starting Judo lessons at the age of 10. He first started his Taekwon-Do training in 1983, training with Grand Master Raymond Choy, who was then a 4th degree at the Hillingdon School of Taekwon-Do in West London. Coincidentally, this was the same school that (his now instructor) Mr Paul Adams 5th degree joined 10 years later! During his time there Mr Davis was graded as a coloured belt by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha the father of Taekwon-Do in the UK.


Subsequent years saw Mr Davis working in different parts of the UK and training with different Taekwondo instructors including Master Ron Sergiew and Master Kenny Walton both of the TAGB. During this period Mr Davis also trained with Master Eldon at his WTF Taekwondo Academy in Plumstead. His thirst for knowledge included training in free style Karate.


Settling in Hampshire in 2005 Mr Davis turned his focus back to the Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-Do pattern system training with Mr Adams at his “LEARN TKD” schools, attaining 3rd Degree Black Belt under the examination of Grand Master Nardizzi. Now at the age of 52, Mr Davis was successfully examined for his 4th degree by Master Lear.


Taekwon-Do has been an important part of his life for so many years and now as a 4th Degree International Instructor, he looks forward to continuing his development through the teaching of others at Alton Martial Arts Academy and sharing the positive things Taekwondo has given him.

National Team Selection

September 24, 2017

Fantastic news for our Junior Black Belt Cian Hosking. Selected for the England National Team for the World Championships later this year.


Cian is now the 10th person from our Taekwon-Do schools to receive the England call up. Testimony to the high standards we work to with our classes and programs

New promotions

September 24, 2017

After an intensive 9 hour testing in Kent last weekend, We are very pleased to announce the promotions of Donna James and Kerim Mencoglu to Black Belt 1st Dan.

I’m sure they will both be valuable assets to their school and to the association in general and I look forward to their continual development in Taekwon-Do.

The next official Black Belt testing will be in November, where hopefully we will see more success. But there is also a senior Dan grade test to be held on 26th August by Master Philip Lear. Fingers crossed for more great new for Alton next week!

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